Rental Policy

Cancellation: Reservation deposit is only refundable if Arbor Woods is re-rented at full rental rate for your reserved time slot. Every attempt to rent a cancelled week will be made. If for reasons beyond our control (fire, flood, etc.) the home is not available for occupancy, a full refund of all monies paid will be promptly made.

Pets/Smoking: No smoking is allowed at Arbor Woods. Pets are not allowed at Arbor Woods unless specifically agreed upon in writing. A canine (only) pet may be acceptable on a limited basis with prior agreement and stipulations. 

Telephone Charges: Telephone is available for local calls only. Guest is responsible for any long distance, toll or other fees incurred on the telephone. 

Fires: A small campfire ring is located near the home. Guest agrees to keep any campfires small and well attended and to fully extinguish the fire and embers using water and not sand. Kindling may be removed from the areas near the home, but please do not remove too much fallen wood. Guests may feel free to use firewood stacked near the shed for small fires

Occupancy: The maximum occupancy is 8 persons. Additional fees may be charged for excess.

Linens/Towels: Towels and linens are not provided. Blankets, comforters, mattress pads and pillows are provided.

Housekeeping: Reasonable and expected cleaning costs are included in the rental charge. Guest is responsible for any excessive cleaning fees.

Removal of Items: Please do not remove or borrow any items from the home. This includes bedding, kitchen supplies, glassware and books.

Damage to Unit: Guest is liable for any willful negligence, damage, theft and/or destruction of property including excessive cleaning fees. Guest agrees to pay the actual cost of repair and/or replacement at agent’s sole discretion. The guest agrees that any action for damages to the home and/or contents and/or unpaid rent/fees may be commenced in Oakland County, Michigan. In that event, the guest shall be responsible for actual costs and attorney fees incurred by Agent.

Liability: Guest shall hold owner free and harmless from any/all liability, claims, loss, damage or expenses arising from injury, property damage, or death sustained by any person, including guest or any agent or employee of guest where such injury, property damage, or death is caused or allegedly caused by negligence or intentional act of guest, or of any guest, license or invite of guest. Guest will hold harmless owner from any liability arising from the use of any recreational equipment found at the property, including, but not limited to bicycles, kayaks, canoes, tennis equipment, etc.

Safety Policy: Guest agrees not to permit any unlawful, improper, or immoral activities in or around the home; nor shall any unreasonably loud activities be carried on in the home or common elements. Guest agrees to honor extended rules and regulations in the home, if any.

Lost Articles: We are not responsible for any loss of property left in the home. We will of course do our best to return any found article to the guest.

Entry of Premises: An authorized employee or repair person may enter the premises during customary business hours for any purpose connected with the repair and/or management of the home.